Team building benefits and ideas

Why Team Building?

You spend more time with the people you work with than you do with the people you love. At least some weeks that is how it seems. It is safe to say everyone wants to be happy and working at a job they love. But how can we accomplish this? It’s much easier said than done, but that’s where team building comes into play.

Team Building is not only a way to connect with the people you see on a daily basis, but it is also an amazing and many times under rated way to improve employee morale.

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Cost and Benefits of Team Building

Everyone wants to work at a place they love. Keeping talented people happy will reduce turnover and the many costs associated with it. So keeping people happy is not just a feel good thing to do, it makes financial sense.

Increased job satisfaction can lead to greater buy in of the company’s overall goals and mission.

Importance of Company Culture

Building a great company culture where people are shown they are valued has come more into focus in the last decade. Seeing job titles like Chief People Officer are becoming more and more common in Boston. They are responsible for doing fun things as a team that leave people happy and more connected to the people they are sharing cubicle space with.


I will link to a list below that lists 17 different and unique team building ideas. Even if you don’t use one of these, it can get your inspiration flowing for events you can have in the office.

Creativity Breeds a Connected Team

My favorite idea, because I am completely biased, for team building with a group of women is a Bracelet Bash. It is a party where you can make different and unique bracelets. It’s something that can be done as a group, yet is totally personal and unique to each person creating.

Everyone wants to be unique. Everyone wants to be one of a kind. Everyone wants to be special. But everyone also wants to be part of a group. Bracelet bash accomplishes this in allowing everyone to create without rules and connect with each other.

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It is so much fun to see a room full of people sharing their creations and talking to people they may not normally talk to. It is rewarding beyond words to hear the meanings behind the bracelets women create.

We have daughters making bracelets for moms and moms making bracelets for daughters, friends making matching bracelets, and women making bracelets to symbolize everyone in their family.


Team building at the office

These bracelets are then a daily reminder of what fun they had creating but also of what they symbolize. Unplugging for a hot minute to create something out of nothing and connect with what is going on in the present moment.

Check Out HubSpot’s List of Team Building Ideas for Inspiration

This Hubspot article is a link to 17 more team building ideas.

I actually visited Hubsots headquarters a few years ago and they definitely know a thing or two about team building. Fully stocked kitchenette with beer, wine, and snacks, games around to play and help you unwind, and a casual dress code were among the things I remember.

Definitely a company culture that appreciates and values the humanity within all employees, after all we’re not robots! It made me think hmmm now this is a place where I would want to work!





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