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May 25th is National Wine Day.  Really? Shouldn’t every day be National Wine day?  Perfect reason for a Girls Night Out. Seriously, who doesn’t want to get together with the girls and crack open a crisp, cold bottle of Pinot Grigio?  Or maybe that’s just me?!

We wanted to highlight some fun products you may or may not know about and of course share something a bit creative! Making your own wine charms bracelets.  It’s not a full-scale tutorial just a pic of what we did and what you can do too!  Honestly, I hope it just brings you a little inspiration to create your own unique charms.

So let’s get to the things we are loving and some super fun must-haves!

Nine things we love;


1.  Wine glass for the beach – Umm Yass, please!  Other than keeping your toddlers from eating a pound of sand is there really anything as important as keeping your wine cold in the blazing hot sun?  We thought not! You can find this insolated drinkware at www.corkcicle.com or run to your nearest Hallmark store.  Bring on the sand and surf.

2.  Amazing wine glass – Surviving Motherhood – One sip at a time. Because legit-erally who isn’t just trying to survive Motherhood?  My house is bursting at the seams with full-fledged 18-year-old girl drama and let me tell you, some days its a freaking roller coaster of emotions!  You can find the “surviving motherhood” steamless wine glass and other super cute mom merch at www.momlifemusthaves.com 

3.  DIY Wine Charms –  You can find all you need at your local craft store.  Truthbomb…I bought a package of these to make earrings and realized they wouldn’t work. Booo, hiss! So when life gives you lemons…or 100 little metal rings, you pour some wine and get creative. Voila! …wine charms.  Simply attach something different to each one.  We put a little crimp ring on one end with some fun beads and tassels.  Like making bracelets, there are no rules or limits to your creativity.


4.  The Wine Glass Writer – think sharpie but easily wipes off your glass.  Comes in an array of colors and is great for stemless wine glasses that you can’t use a wine charm with.  The bonus is they can be used for more than just wine glasses.  Kids juice cups or to write a note on your loves morning coffee cup. Smooches!

5.  One Hope Wine – Drinking wine can have a significant positive impact on the world?  We are all in!  This wine is not only delicious, conveniently delivered, and comes in amazing varieties, but it also partners with charities to give back.  They have donated 3 million dollars to various charities.  Now that is a grape I can get behind.

6.  Wine opener that does not remove the cork. It allows you to get wine out without getting air in.  Yay! That means I don’t need to drink the entire bottle once its open. Nah, who am I kidding the Coravin wine opener is for the second bottle. Ha, ha!

7.  Wine Popsicles – because honestly wine not!  It’s the nostalgia of your childhood with a welcomed adult twist. You can find a refreshing for Raspberry Rose Popsicles at ThreeOlivesBranch.com

8.  Wine charms bracelets – for a subtle reminder that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  Like all of our Bracelet Bash bracelets they can be made with whatever beads you like. Go with your favorite color palette or pick a particular bead like the pink quartz which signifies new love, new relationships, and brings. Once you have the perfect beads at a wine charm or two and you have a cutesy conversation starter on your wrist.

9.  Finally, wine needs cheese! – Check out this amazing roundup of Charcuterie Boards from VinePair.  Again don’t worry about rules here…any selection of meats, cheeses, crackers will work.  Just pair it with amazing olives, pickles, fresh figs and veggies and you are good to go.

So let’s virtually “high-five” how awesome National Wine Day is and not let it go by without indulging a wee bit. Grab your favorite red or white, get your girlfriends together and “wine down”.

we want to hear how you are going to celebrate!  Drop a comment below or tag Bracelet Bash on Social Media!

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