Create Inexpensive, and Stylish tablescapes like a pro. Special pretty touches all down the center of your table not only make guests feel special, but also makes you casual event seem lavish.

You can create beautiful, unique tablescapes on a budget. Its always the little touches that make any get together special.

I think I spent $12 to create this look!

Choose Color theme.

First choose 3-5 colors you want to use, this helps you stay focused, and avoids things looking cluttered.

I chose pinks, yellow and oranges
1 accent color rose gold.
1 color that brings everything together bright white.

This could sound like a crazy mess but there is a significant amount of white and strategic pops of color.

Collect what you have. Next look around your house and see what you already have, candlesticks, vases, old jars, small cocktail glasses.

I have a second hand store near me that sells all their glassware for 25 cents…most inexpensive vases ever!

I always look for shape of an item because if I don’t like the shape I can always change the color. Spray paint is my BFF!


This is super important to layout what you have on a table to see how you want to arrange it. This way you can see what you still need and rearrange what you don’t like.

This where I check that I have different heights for interest as well as enough small vases and items to fill the entire length of the table.

This is also when I decide what else needs to go on the table. Are platters of food or desserts going to be on there, if so make sure you leave room for the platters.


Spray paint

I decided after the pre-arrange, which pieces I wanted to spay paint and what colors I wanted to use.

Spray paint is seriously my BFF, there are sooo many colors now, and so many designed for specific surfaces and textures. Each can is $4-$6 so its super easy to change the look of anything.

One of my new favorites is Valspar Milk glass effect. They have it in light pink which I adore, and goes directly on glass to change the look of any old jar. Always spray out side and simply follow instructions on the can.
Also love anything metallic! This is copper and it transformed some really ugly candlesticks! Allow plenty of time to apply thin coats and allow to dry.


Purchase what else you need. Here I needed to go to Dollar Tree and get paper flowers. I could have folded 8 pieces of tissue paper but honestly this was just easier at the moment!
If you need any glass vases, or tablecloths you can do this at Dollar Tree as well.

Last stop was Whole Foods where I got an amazing bouquet of fresh roses for only $7.50!

I throw parties for women but I don’t usually want to be too super frilly or romantic, Im usually more boho and sweet. This should be easy and not too fussy. The beauty of this is there is no wrong way to do it, and you can change up any of the elements and change the mood entirely.

I had planned on using burlap ribbon but I didn’t like it as much so I went with a sheer pink Table scarf I had already.


  • Tablecloth
  • Wide ribbon or a table scarf
  • Candle sticks, Glass jars, vases
  • Paper flowers
  • Fresh flowers


    1. 1. Arrange flowers in vases and cocktail glasses. I waited until I was completely finished to add water to the vases.



    1. 2. Put the table cloth down and secure.



    1. 3. Lay the table scarf or wide ribbon down the middle of the table. You can either make as long as the table cloth, or cut shorter so it ends at the edges of the table. You can do 1, 2 or 3 rows of ribbon.



    1. 4. Make the large paper flowers and attach to the candlesticks with a glue gun. Place evenly on the table.



    1. 5. Place the small glasses and jars with fresh flowers out.



    6. Scatter small paper flowers throughout.


I love that anyone can do this! The pictures don’t do it justice because it is so pretty and cheerful when you are sitting in front of it.

If this layout is too busy for you, you can simply put buds in smaller glasses and line the length of the table.

– Erin

Whats your biggest challenge when it comes to entertaining?


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