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I have recently rediscovered my need for creativity.

Creativity and DIY.

Although its more than a need, its an addiction.

I am challenging myself to create something new every month out of things I have around the house.  It feeds my addiction to create, and puts to use ALOT of items that are tucked away in drawers.

I commute into Boston everyday, 3 hours round trip. Have you driven in Boston? We are an angry and impatient bunch! I am then chained (figuratively…thank God) to a desk in an 8×8 office everyday with no windows.

On the bright side, I work at a large homeless shelter in Boston, so my job is advancing a lot of good in this world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have alot of room for creativity.  This is why I decided to challenge myself in 2018.

I almost didn’t post this because I was thinking I can do better, this isn’t good enough, my pictures need to be better. But I decided to let those negative thoughts escape out of my head and just move forward with this.  Its a fun activity that you could do much better with I am sure…but I hope the basic idea is sparked here.

This blog and side hustle will expand beyond my wildest dreams in 2018. Did you see that? I put it out there in the universe… because I WILL make it happen!

Bracelet Bash was born to connect with amazing women and help them make on of a kind bracelets as unique as they are.  The parties I have hosted so far have left me on a high I can not explain.  I love seeing which beads each lady picks and then seeing how excited they are when they finish their creation.

I could legit-erraly make a new bracelet every single day in 2018 and not run out of beads! #IHaveASmallBeadObsession

Sign up for our email list to see where we are traveling and what we are up to! Next week I will tell you my WHY. Why this is so important to me, why this idea came to life,  and why I am doing what I am doing.

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So lets get to it! (insert smiley face)

Recycle and re-purpose old bracelets and Jewelry

What you need:

Spray paint if desired
Wooden love sign – not the exact one I used

Old Jewelry or bracelets broken up

E6000 glue
Paper for backing if desired.

Now we get to have fun!

  1.  If your frame is not the color you want then remove the glass and spray paint your frame any color you want. I chose the color linked above, but you could also do this one and this one
  2. If you do not like the color of the components then spray paint those as well.
    You can recycle jewelry you currently have and simply take it apart or buy components here. I love fire mountain gem and their clearance sales can’t be beat.
  3. Cut a heart out of paper to use as a template and place under the glass.


4.   Arrange how you would like them positioned before you glue.

5.   Glue directly to the outside glass of the frame.

6.  Back with paper if desired. Two words for you Mulberry Paper. Even if you don’t do this project you should check them out because they have hundreds styles, colors, and types of paper. I could spend hours on their site …and quite literally have!  You can order a sheet or two of different papers and they are really inexpensive for what you get and unique!


Hang and enjoy!

I love the way it came out, so mine will be going in my sad little windowless office space to remind me to keep pushing forward to do what I love.

I would love to hear your creative addiction?



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