DIY bracelet for teens

Confetti Surprise Bracelets are like a party in a box, a fun and easy, DIY bracelet for teens!

Bracelet Bash was born in hopes of inspiring women and girls to design and create handmade DIY bracelets that are truly one-of-a-kind.  We believe everyone is unique, and colorful, and made up of so many individual positive qualities, just like these bracelets. 

No two Confetti Surprise Bracelets are alike. 

DIY bracelet for teens

There are so many stackable bracelets out there that are the same and boring.   People collect them in every color.  Who wants to be just like everyone else?  

Create your own boho style, your own exclusive look.  Be remarkable, be different, be you!

Bracelet Bash is a Boston based event company that brings thousands of gorgeous beads, in hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes.  You design and create a bracelet that’s just as original as you are. 

You pair your own unique bracelet design with a charm to begin making a creation that is truly your own.  You can wear daily as a reminder of how amazing you are.  

DIY bracelet for teens

There is something to be said in having control over designing your own unique DIY bracelet.  Super easy, and very therapeutic, spending some quiet time stringing beads, and designing something you love.

Bracelet Bash can’t be everywhere, so we created delightful little kits, that can travel.   Entertaining on a long car ride, a long airplane ride, or just when you are looking for something fun to do.

The DIY bracelet for teens, tweens, or even adults, that can be created anywhere.

DIY Bracelet for teens

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When you are looking for a creative DIY activity to do with teens, or for the perfect unique little gift.

This is the perfect easy and entertaining activity.  Spend a little time unplugging and engaging with your teen while they are not actively scrolling through their phone.   This is an activity you can do that is enjoyable for both of you. 

When someone says, as they inevitably will do, “ I love your bracelet”. You will beam with pride to answer back “ I made it”

DIY Bracelets for teens

The Confetti Surprise Bracelet make-at-home kit includes a gorgeous variety of natural stone, glass, and mixed metal beads.  No two are alike.  As amazingly special and beautiful as you are!

Like a little surprise party in a box you unwrap to discover so much fun.  You never know what you’ll get.  Who doesn’t love surprises?  This bracelet reminds you to put a little fun more fun in your life.  Let go and create whatever pattern you wan to create.  No rules, no judgement.

Use this DIY bracelet for teens, or for yourself.  Better yet, order a pair, and create a bracelet with a friend, your daughter, a sister, or mom, but more importantly create a memory you both wont forget!  

DIY Bracelet for teens

Why don’t we just make the bracelet for you? 

What fun would that be? 

The pride in designing and then creating a bracelet can not be matched, the feeling is truly inspiring, empowering and uplifting.

Confetti Surprise Bracelets stack with every bracelet in your collection, and go with everything from jeans to a dressy dress.  Start an arm party now!

You can order these and add any special requests you like, whether there are colors you love, colors you don’t want, or specific size beads or charms you want to request.  Make your own custom make at home kit.  

DIY Bracelets for teens

We have thousands of stunning beads to make you happy.  That is just what a confetti surprise bracelet does.  Makes you happy!  

Whenever you look at your bracelet during the day, you will have a different view as it moves around your wrist.  Ever changing colors remind you that you are beautiful, different and to always be uniquely you.


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