Princess Party DIY, Princess Bracelets, Princess Wands

Princess parties need to be fun and a princess wand needs to be magical!

Most little princesses really enjoy getting creative.  You can host a party where creativity, pink glitter princess wands, and bracelets take center stage. You will have girls leave your party with wands they won’t stop waving.

Bracelet Bash brings an enchanted array of beads and charms to Birthday parties all over Boston.  The littles still crushing on the princesses are usually in the 5-8 year old range.

The best part of this DIY princess wand is asking these little ladies to think of their superpower, then the super power is written in gold in the middle of a paper heart and tucked inside the wand.

The heart is what makes this wand truly magical and unique, just like them.  You are building self esteem and reminding these girls how strong and amazing they are…no need for a white night swooping in to the rescue!

Grab our Princess Bracelet Box here if you are looking for a fun activity to do after you make inspirational wands!



Supplies you will Need:

Dollar Store Finds

  1. 2 large foam shapes– we use pink glitter princess crowns but you could use hearts from Dollar Tree or blue snowflakes for a frozen party.
  2. 1 long dowel from Micheals – there are short versions in a 10 pack at Dollar Tree
  3. 1 package of pink, white, silver, and rose gold tassel from Dollar Tree.  Seriously you will LOVE this stuff if you are obsessed with rose gold!
  4. Tacky glue or a glue gun.
  5. Paper Hearts cut out with a fun heart paper stamper.  Once you buy this, I promise you will use it for so many other things!
  6. Princess placements make clean up a breeze!  Put anything on your table…these little ones really love their glue.
  7. A magical super power, that’s right, the maker of the wand needs to pick one of their favorite qualities that is their superpower.  It could be how happy they make everyone around them, or their smile, or how brave they are, guide them into picking but give them the time to come up with their super power on their own.

Step 1

DIY Princess wands

Cut the tassels, 2 strings each. The package of tassels from Dollar Tree will give you 10 pieces.

Step 2

Magical Princess wands

Place the wands front side down. Place a line of glue across the bottom of each side. Separate tassels and glue across the lines, add more glue as needed.

Step 3

Magical Princess wands

Place glue along the outside edge of the foam shape, and down the center. Place one end of the dowel in the line of glue and roll around to coat completely. Write each Childs super power on a heart cut out and tuck inside the wand.

Step 4

Easy DIY Princess Party

Place the two sides glue side together and squish! Let dry completely. We like to write the girls names on the placemats and set aside until they leave the party.

These are so much fun!  the best part is being able to remind each girl that she has so many magical powers that make her special and unique!



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