Easy DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Easy DIY Valentines Day Wreath

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I have a huge 2018 planned.

Not only will I launch Bracelet Bash into a full fledged business while working full time, but I have also decided to create something new every week and chronicle the journey in this blog.  Tall task?  Well yeah…but anything worth doing is difficult!

This gets a bit more challenging when I tell you I am trying to do it with only things I have in my house or can get for free.  Taller task?  Well yes…but honestly I bought soooo much stuff in 2017 It really isn’t that crazy.

I love re-using, re-purposing and anything DIY so I am challenging myself to see how much I can use up, what I can create, and how little I can purchase. Not to mention I have thousands of beads so you will be seeing lots of DIY bracelets!

So let’s get to this Super easy DIY Valentines wreath!

What you will need;

  1. Christmas ornaments – get them here if you don’t have any to re-use.
  2. Heart wire wreath shape.  I bought mine from Amazon but I’m sure Michaels has them.
  3. Metal wire or string to attach ornaments
  4. Glue Gun and glue sticks
  5. Ribbon to hang

The Christmas ornaments I used were bought on clearance right after Christmas last year.  Apparently not everyone loved the pink and peach tones.  SCORE for me!  Immediately I thought of a Valentines wreath.  If the colors were not to my liking I would simply spray paint them the color I wanted.

Can I also tell you my favorite gold color spray paint (hint it will show up in next weeks blog post!) Valspar Metallic Gold is amazeballs.  It looks like Amazon only has it by the six pack so I would just get 1 can of it from Lowes!

Tip:  My favorite place to get things to DIY is Craigslist under the FREE section.  So many people get rid of Christmas decorations right after Christmas so check there first.  Check there all year long for free everything!
Re-use Christmas ornaments to DIY Valentines wreath

Use this wire heart wreath shape and re-use Christmas ornaments to make this super easy and cute Valentines wreath.

Re-Use Christmas Ornaments for Valentines Wreath

  1. Tie Christmas ornaments to the middle bar of the heart wreath frame.  Use metal ornament hangers or string.
  2. Go all the way around the wreath and place ornaments on alternating sides of wreath.
  3. Secure these to each other with a glue gun and then glue ornaments on top of those all the way around until the wreath is filled.
  4. Fill in with smaller balls so you do not see the wreath frame.  If I were to do this over again I would spray paint the frame with gold spray paint in case it was seen it would blend in.
  5. Attach ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang.
Re-use Christmas ornaments to DIY Valentines Wreath

Happy Valentines Day!

So easy anyone can do this even if you don’t consider yourself “crafty”.

Share your favorite thing to DIY or re-purpose in the comment section below.









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