This dazzling Valentine’s Day craft is super easy for kids, teens, and adults, while also being incredibly budget friendly.  We can all love that!

Easy and Inexpensive Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Crafts

Create a cute Valentine’s Day wall hanging for less than five dollars with these adorable Love signs from Dollar Tree, an old frame, and a bit of acrylic paint.  Let your creativity run wild and have fun while doing it.  Doing this with someone you love, making memories and spending time together would make this extraordinary.

I am mildly obsessed with watching acrylic paint pour videos on Instagram.  It’s so easy to combine a few colors together in a cup, with a bit of pouring medium to help the paint flow, and then pour randomly on the object you want to paint.  It creates a lovely pattern that simply makes me happy and will always be unique.

There are some phenomenal acrylic painting posts you can check out before you get started.  There is no right or wrong way to do this Valentine’s craft, which is the most wonderful part of this project!

Craigslist for Free is my other obsession.  In Boston you can furnish your whole house with the treasures people are discarding on there.  I answered a post a few months back, to pick up a large amount of frames.  These were frames from an antique store, and while most have minor damage, they can be easily repaired and repurposed.

The original Valentine’s Day craft idea was to take 3 of these Dollar Tree Love signs and hang them together in a bow, with a ribbon.  But as crafts tend to go, plans changed midway when I realized they did not sit well together on their own.  This is when the stash of frames in my basement came in super handy, and the sweet little gold frame with flower embellishments was the perfect accompaniment.

Change your frame and the color of paint and you can transform this idea into something completely different and one-of-a-kind.

There was some plaster missing from the sides of the frame.  You could fix this with a bit of plaster to make it not as noticeable.  I chose to paint over it with our repairing.  Honestly you don’t notice it in person, and like love, everything is not always perfect!

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Craft

Creating acrylic pours is seriously so much fun and I cannot wait to do the next one.  I learned a few things from this first one.

I would separate the colors more next time and just do two or tree in one dish so I could control the piece a bit more, and make sure the sides of the piece are covered with paint.

When all is said and done, for my first attempt, I am extremely happy with how this turned out.  Even happier that I have this easy and inexpensive Valentine’s craft hung up before Valentine’s Day!

Looking for something a bit less messy yet still as creative for Valentine’s Day?  Check out our Valentine’s Confetti Bracelets in the shop and our Valentines wreath on the blog.

Now lets get to painting!


  1. Two LOVE signs from Dollar Tree
  2. An old frame
  3. Acrylic paint or nail polish in any color you like.  We chose 4 colors
  4. Paint sponge brush
  5. Floetrol, or pouring medium that extends the dry time of paint
  6. Spray paint – we chose gold
  7. Elmers wood glue
  8. A  disposable metal baking pan or an old cookie sheet to catch dripping paint

Step 1

Dollar Tree Love sign

Paint the outside edges of your signs as well as the top, with one or two coats of paint.

Step 2

Acrylic Paint Pouring

Prepare each color of paint in its own separate bowl. Mix 2 or 3 parts paint to one part Floetrol. Paint mix should be the consistency of heavy cream.

Step 3

Acrylic pour

Using gloves and in a well ventilated area, spray the spray paint into a cup. Pour all paints together into one “pour” cup, do not mix.

Step 4

Dollar Tree Love sign

Put the love sign into the disposable pan.  Super easy Valentine’s Day craft and super easy clean up!

Step 5

Dollar Tree Love sign

Pour paint randomly along top.

Step 6

Dollar tree Love sign

Move paint around to cover all parts on top. Add paint as needed to create desired effect. paint will continue to move a bit as it dries. Try not to overwork and move paint too much.

Step 7

Dollar Tree Love sign

I created a few signs and wanted a whiter look so I mixed more paint with Floetrol, the white paint, and a bit of gold to create this sign. Not gonna lie, it’s my favorite!

Step 8

Dollar Tree Love sign

If the frame you choose needs to be painted, you can actually do that in step one. I didn’t , and just touched up the paint during this gluing step. Take the signs and attach to your frame with Elmer’s wood glue, this stuff can hold!  Allow to dry completely.

Change the paint colors and the frame for your own unique look!

Valentine's Craft

Happy Creating!  Show us your Dollar Tree Crafts!


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