Give Back Events 

Are you a non-profit in or around Boston,  that empowers, inspires, or encourages women or girls?  We would love to host a FREE Bracelet Bash for you and your group.  Contact us! 


Free Give Back Events for Boston Non-Profits

Creating is a rewarding experience that can give you a sense of achievement and pride that is unmatched. Creating can make you happier and healthier by lowering your stress levels.

We believe in women empowering women. We know that so many women are struggling to overcome challenges that would break so many people. We want to give them a little escape from everyday life help them make something that shines as bright as they do.

,We will host a completely FREE event for a nonprofit in or around Boston whose mission it is, to inspire and empower women or girls.  

Do you know an amazing organization that would love to benefit from this, please let us know!  We are able to do these events once a month for up to 20 people.  Completely FREE!

We want to help girls and women in these programs create their own one of a kind custom bracelets that will remind them they are strong, and they are beautiful, and they are gonna make it!

Know a nonprofit within 25 miles of Boston, that may like us to host a FREE Bracelet Bash?  Let us know here!

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