Unicorn Bracelets

We have a super fun DIY unicorn birthday party for you!

Unicorn birthday parties are showing no signs of slowing down!

Everyone is looking for enchanted unicorn birthday party ideas that are different.  Trying to find a distinctive unicorn cake that doesn’t look like all the others, unicorn games and activities, or unicorn cupcakes that will wow even your pickiest Pinterest mom friend!

Unicorns are mythical and magical, just like every little girl should know that they are.

Unicorn Birthday parties are brimming with pastels, flowers, glitter, and gold and we are head over heels in love with that!

Making DIY unicorn bracelets is incredibly easy and even more enjoyable.  You will be overwhelmed with such a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see your finished bracelet that beaming smiles and delight will fill the room. These bracelets can be used, not only as the most extraordinary activity for your unicorn glam fest, but also as the favor for guests to take home. Unicorn bracelets are easy enough for first graders to put together, or ladies a few decades older as well. They’re perfect for nearly everyone!

The make-at-home-kit starts with high quality beads.  We use natural stone, glass and mixed metal beads in all of our kits, not cheap plastic or acrylic.

Each kit contains beads, string, and charms, enough to make 2 amazing and unique bracelets.  You can make one to keep and one to give away to a bestie, a sister, or anyone you choose.

The kits come in an adorable gift box with step by step instructions.

No two kits are exactly alike, which means just like the person making it, it will be special and one-of-a-kind.

These DIY bracelet kits are not simply a creative unicorn birthday party idea, they can be used anytime! When the kids whine, “I’m bored”, the solution is a unicorn bracelet kit. When you need an engaging rainy day playdate, the solution is a unicorn bracelet kit. When you need to reduce screen time with a different but entertaining activity, the solution is a unicorn bracelet kit!  Too bad unicorn bracelet kits didn’t solve all life’s problems! unicorn bracelets

These are also great for moms to sit with their tweens and teens and spend some time connecting.  Who couldn’t use more ways to connect with those incredibly beautiful and mystifying humans!

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