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The Jar of AWESOME!

It is so easy to sabotage your own happiness and succumb to the negativity that is all around us. The Jar of AWESOME is a super easy way to break yourself out of this pattern. The best part is you don’t need to rely on anyone else to build your self esteem.

This happens to be coinciding with my New Year resolutions, but it can be started at anytime during the year.

I was listening to an interview with Tim Ferris who said he had an ex-girlfriend who did this and he uses the idea to remind him of happiness when he is in a negative mindset.

So what is the “Jar of AWESOME”? It is a jar you create to capture all the amazing, good, fun, positive things that happen in your life.

No negativity allowed in the jar!

Daily, weekly, or even at the random times you remember to write down the amazing things in your life on cute note paper and drop it in the jar. When you need a boost of positivity you can go to the jar to reread all the great things you have to be thankful for.

This could be a fun activity to do with kids, or even your partner. Once you start consciously writing down positive feelings and accomplishments, you start noticing there are more of them in your life than you may have believed.

What will you gain? Remembering to celebrate the small wins. Focusing more on positive self talk and therefore increasing your self esteem.

We all have some amount of control in our little corner of the universe. We can choose kindness and consciously bring meaningful positive change to our world allowing a ripple effect to spread all around us.

When you are reminded of all the small good things that fill up your jar, you realize the small things are actually the big things!

You can start this idea now in any jar you have, but I thought making it a bit more special would ensure I did it more consistently.


Start with any new jar or recycle one
Create vinyl letters on your Cricut cutter.  Don’t have a Cricut?

Email me at hello@braceletbash.com and I will send you the vinyl letters and contact paper for Free!

Jar of Awesome

Create vinyl letters

Jar of Awesome

Remove everything but letters

Jar of Awesome

Place contact paper on top of words

Jar of Awesome

Place contact paper on jar and rub over letters to adhere to jar

Jar of Awesome

Slowly peel off contact paper

Spray Elmers adhesive lightly to the side of the jar…p.s. this stuff is amazing!

Jar of Awesome

Sprinkle copper flakes into jar

Jar of awesome

Press flakes onto adhesive with a foam brush and allow to dry completely

Mix 6 TB acrylic paints with 1 TB nail polish remover – repeat with as many colors as you want in the jar. (I used 3 peach, white, and silver)

Jar of Awesome

Stream paint into jar. Repeat with remaining colors.

Jar of Awesome

Swirl paint to cover all spots on inside of glass

Jar of Awesome

Pour out excess paint

Allow to dry completely. To speed up this process use a hairdryer after a few hours of air drying.

Fill with amazing positive thoughts!

Remember if you don’t have a Cricut…email me at hello@braceletbash.com and I will send you the vinyl letters and contact paper for Free!





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