Ooohhhh Summer…where did you go?! Its already back to school shopping time and Halloween decorations are in stores. Insert sad face.

I have taken trips to the west coast this summer with my kids, and to the midwest with my fiancé to see his family so I really cant complain that I haven’t done anything.

It just seems so fast. Of course I guess that is life today right? No one has the time to slow down.

Well these fun little mermaid glasses came to me and I thought they needed the proper fun fruity drink to exist in the hollowed out tail! On a side note I didn’t realize these were shot glasses…so its back to re-live my college days creating shots!

I wandered the grocery store aisles looking for something different, fun and fruity when I came across Fruit of the Nile Strawberry Guava juice. It was super sweet so a little goes a long way!

1 oz coconut rum
1 oz Strawberry Guava Juice

If you like the fun mermaid glasses you can get them where you can get everything else, Amazon!

This could also be made into a delicious say goodbye to Summer drink or an amazing Bridal shower cocktail.

1 oz coconut Rum
3 oz Strawberry Guava juice
4 oz Proseco

Looking for a non-alcoholic drink?

4 oz Strawberry Guava juice
4 oz Seltzer, Sprite, or Ginger Ale

Looking forward to the new beginnings Fall has in store!

– Erin


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